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Green Cabinetry


Edmonton kitchen cabinets and custom cabinets.

AG Woodcrafting is dedicated to making Edmonton kitchen cabinets and custom cabinets. We are a family owned and operated company which means we put family first. We also strive to teach our children the importance of preserving the Earth and leaving as little impact as possible.

One of our main suppliers, Columbia Cabinets, has been awarded certification in the Environmental Stewardship Program, which means our cabinetry is CARB II Compliant.

What this means to you is fresher air in your house, less impact on the land and beautiful custom cabinets Edmonton that are safer for everyone to get their favourite mugs out of.

The Edmonton kitchen cabinets are:
  • made from recycled materials (where feasible)
  • made using the maximum panel and lumber yield
  • made with the intention of leaving little to no waste
  • a superior, high quality product

Columbia Kitchen Cabinets LTD supports the intent of environmental stewardship aimed at protecting the earth’s resources by practicing sound environmental production methods in order to protect our air, water, land and the human, animal and plant life of our planet.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.